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Emergency Tech Support

Have a computer emergency?

Metroplex Tech Computer Service & Repair We offer 24 hour emergency phone and on-site computer and tech support, even for new customers.

Remote Support Service

We offer a great service of remote desktop and server support that dramatically lowers IT spending. We can perform scheduled maintenance, resolve technical problems and perform many other tasks remotely from our office at a discounted rate. For added security, we only connect when you initiate a secure remote control session.

Click here to Learn more about our Remote Support Service Plans.

How long will it take?

If you have a specific project, we will give you an estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete the work. If unforeseen circumstances arise, we'll let you know in advance. Our tech's are certified professionals so your work will be completed quickly and correctly. Our job is done when you are satisfied with the work performed.

Need an Estimate?

We can provide you a written estimate for a specific project you have in mind. Or maybe you just want to discuss a possible project. Our initial consultation is free!

What we can do

Repair crashed computers
Repair malfunctioning printers
Repair internet connectivity
Connect wireless networks
Clean virus/spyware infection
Back up important data
Perform system checkups
Improve PC performance
Install patches and updates


Convienient PC repair drop-off locations

Why go far to get your computer repaired or upgraded? We offer convenient drop-off locations throughout Dallas/Forth Worth so you can enjoy easy access to our computer services.

Using our Drop-off PC repair services saves you money and time over using our on-site PC repair service. You save up to 20% by dropping off your PC at one of our authorized computer drop-off locations.

We service all brands of desktop computers with Microsoft Windows operating system. Locate a Drop-Off Location in your area.

Getting your computer serviced

Service with Metroplex Tech is easy and hassle-free. Simply bring in your computer to any of our authorized drop-off service locations.

If you know what service you want, you can review our flat-fee price list located at our drop-off location or you can contact us for a flat-fee price quote.

If you do not know the cause of a specific problem you are experiencing, we can perform a full diagnostic for only $49.99 to determine the exact problem. The diagnostic is FREE if any repair or service over $49 is performed as a result of the diagnostic.

Three easy steps to computer help

Step 1: Bring in your computer

Bring in your computer to an authorized Metroplex Tech drop-off location. You do not have to supply a monitor, mouse, keyboard, cables, or other hardware unless requested. If desired, you can put your computer inside a box for easier carrying. Please include the Original Manufacturer CDs that came with the PC (when possible) and the Microsoft Windows Installation CD & Product Key (very important for many repairs).

Step 2: Fill out an easy to understand work order

Fill out a work order form located at the customer counter. Provide us with your personal contact information so we can call you about your computer repairs if needed. Write down as much information as you can about your PC. Tell us what service you need or what problem you are having.

Step 3: Pick-up your PC when service is completed

If you requested a diagnostic, we will call you regarding the cost of needed repairs before performing work. There is no obligation to have repairs completed when you choose a diagnostic. When your PC is ready for pick-up, we will contact you by phone. It usually takes 5 business days to complete most services.

Locate a Drop-Off Location in your area.

Flat-fee service rates save you money

We offer many up-front flat-fee prices that can’t be beat for the most common computer repairs and service. Why are flat fee prices better than hourly rates? Hourly rates will cost you much more if a service technician is slow at diagnosing and a fixing problem. With hourly rates, a customer can be a victim of slowdowns that will balloon the cost of the repairs.

Flat fee prices tell you that we are confident we can diagnose and resolve problems quickly and accurately. You never need to worry about unknown hourly charges when using our flat-fee rates. See our Rates.

If there is a service you need, but don't see listed here, please contact us


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